Tymoni Correa-Buntley is a multimedia storyteller. She is passionate about exploring how trending topics and pop culture events influence societal norms and how the younger generation absorbs information. She believes in giving a voice to communities often left out of critical conversations.

Some of her most notable projects investigate race and politics in Rochester, New York and the triumph of beating mental health stigmas.

Tymoni is currently an associate digital content producer at Spectrum News in the Flower City.  She is also pursuing her Master’s in professional studies at Rochester Institute of Technology, where she previously attained a Bachelor’s in journalism and political science.

She is studying the psychological impact violence and trauma have on children and adolescents living in the city’s low-income communities, and exploring solutions that can better serve these areas with mental health services and criminal justice reform.

Tymoni believes it is essential to use all platforms to engage with audiences and strengthen stories. This explains why she has expanded into radio, TV and marketing industries.

Whether it’s online, in-person or on-air, Tymoni is sure to have an unique perspective. 

This site serves to show her best work.