Camden Town

Today I spent the day in Camden. Camden is a borough downtown central London. It's most known for its markets. I'd been to this area earlier in the semester but it was in the middle of the night for a party at the Camden Proud which used to be a horse hospital but has been turned into a burlesque night club. Fun stuff!

Anyway, today I visited a few of the markets along the streets. The markets in this area of town are most known for art, clothing and collectors items; in contrast with Borough Market which is popular for it's food. I plan to go to Borough Market this Saturday! I'm really excited to try Scottish eggs.

This area of the city definitely made me feel like I was back in New York City for a moment. It was extremely crowded. There were lots of shops, vendors and "street noise." It was nice.

It was honestly just a really great day. The weather was in the high 60s and to me it felt like summer! I know. I know. 60 degrees isn't usually considered  summer weather but let's keep in mind I'm from Western New York, where we're known for our brutal winters, and I've been living in London for almost 5 months, where it's always damp and chilly.

It felt nice to get out and enjoy the outdoors.