... And we're off

Last night I hung out with a bunch of new friends and had the most amazing night!

My friends Brionna and Brinker met some cool brit guys (who are actually German but I digress) that go to our school and we all met up to hang out. They took us to this really cool club in Oxford Circus called The Social that hosts Hip Hop Karaoke every Thursday. I had so much fun! We danced all night and Brionna even tried to get me to go on stage with her to rap.

Well, she wanted me to rap so she could be the hype-man. 

I was terrified. Maybe next time though!

After we left The Social, we took the last train of the night over to The Camden Proud in Camden Town to go to a party. The party was one of the fresher's events that the University of Westminster was throwing. That was fun too. They played a lot of what I call Jersey Shore type music. The Camden Proud building was very interesting. It's like a building hidden behind some bars and shops. On the inside there are horse stables... with stripper poles... then you walk in further and there were pictures hanging on the walls like it was an art gallery. Very odd place but it was definietly a lot of fun!

Tonight, we took the buses back to Harrow and it was painfully long. It took over two hours to get home but we made a new friend named Chan at one of the bus stops who also goes to Westminster and she told us about the Undercroft Bar on campus which hosts Messy Mondays every week.

I definitely have to check this out! How awesome is it to have a bar/club on your school campus!!!

Hello? RIT step it up!