Views From The 6

This past weekend my friend Lena and I went to Toronto. It was everything you would imagine and more.

The food: AMAZING! The people: AMAZING! The views: GODLY!

I love traveling because it allows me the time to live in the moment and find my inner peace. When I'm out-of-town, I don't stare into my iPhone screen; I don't watch tv, check the news, or my email. Being that carefree is honestly one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

Canada, specifically, was cool because it was my first time being back since I was a kid.

(Well, I flew to Heathrow from YYZ but I didn't actually get to experience the city.)

Literally only a few miles after crossing the border, Lena and I looked at each other and simultaneously agreed:

"Holy shit--Canadians are so fucking awesome!"

How, you ask?

Well for one thing, they're some of the nicest drivers ever!

I mean, where else in the world will people happily let you make a left hand turn during traffic hour?!

Disclaimer: I am from New York so road rage and fighting the urge to beat someone with a snow brush is just a part of everyday routine.

This trip, like many of my other recent trips, was spent at an Airbnb. We stayed in a small, cute, studio near the beach. The place was located on the lower level of a home owned by a European couple. The woman and their child had moved back to Amsterdamwhile the husband stayed behind, finishing up the house sale. Honestly, the amount of times Lena and I said the place was cute this weekend is unfathomable.

We were clearly high off of the Canadian cuteness and kindness.

Our adventures included a boat tour of the Toronto Islands, brunch at The Starving Artist, stocking up on wine from a local grocer and getting drunk-- legally, of course, dinner at Gabby's Tavern, exploring the city center, attempting to hunt down the address of the week's Twitter beef... tweef?... Champion: 6 God aka Champagne Papi aka Aubrey Graham aka Drizzy aka Drake. Unfortunately, we were only in town for two days so the last quest was unfulfilled... for now.


Next time I visit Toronto, indoor skydiving, Casa Loma, the CN Tower, partying on one of the Toronto Islands are all must-dos.