Where the hell am I?

Recently, I took my first trip to Phoenix. It was an interesting experience. I expected there to be horrible, humid weather but there wasn't. Although it was 106 degrees, it only felt like 70-75. I never thought I'd say this but, I loved being outdoors. The whole city is surrounded by mountains! There were cactus everywhere! There were a lot of modern art sculptures! ...And they make cool designs out of various colored rocks! 


While I was there, I took a trip to the Grand Canyon with my boyfriend. The trip took about 3.5-4 hours (which we didn't expect). We wanted to get there by sunset, romantic, I know, but by the time we actually got there it was too dark. We could still see in the canyon with our eyes but it was too dark to take any pictures.

So imagine, you're looking into a, well, grand canyon, attempting to capture any sort of image, then you turn around and you're standing in the middle of the dark. There are no lights anywhere; you hear howling coyotes and other animal sounds; your Google Maps stops working and you're stranded. This was my Grand Canyon experience. It was scary but still good. 

My plan is to visit the West Coast again next year.